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In below code, I can create a instance by using:

new TabBuilder();

Now, I try to create a instance with different config value, I use:

new TabBuilder({effect:'none', duration:500, tabContainer:'.tab-new', tab:'.tab'})

But it is not work, anybody can help?

var TabBuilder = Class.create();
TabBuilder.prototype = {
        effect: 'none',
        duration: 300,
        tabContainer: '.tab-container',
        tab: '.tab'

    initialize: function(settings)
        Object.extend(this.config, settings);
                .setActiveTab(el, 0)

    buildTabs: function(container)
        var tabs = new Element('ol')

        container.insert({'bottom': tabs});

        var tabsContent = new Element('div')

        tabs.insert({'after': tabsContent});

        $(container).select(this.config.tab).each(function(el) {
            var tab = $(el).select('.head')[0].wrap('li');
            tabs.insert({'bottom': tab});

            var tabContent = $(el).select('.content')[0];
            tabsContent.insert({'bottom': tabContent});
        $$('.tabs li:first-child')[0].addClassName('first');
        $$('.tabs li:last-child')[0].addClassName('last');
        return this;

    setActiveTab: function(container, index)
        this._switchTabDisplay(container, index);
        return this;

    addObservers: function(container)
        var that = this;
        $(container).select('.tabs li').each(function(el, index) {
            el.observe('mouseover', function() {
                that.setActiveTab(container, index)
            el.observe('mouseover', function(el) {
            el.observe('mouseout', function(el) {
        return this;

    _switchTabDisplay: function(container, index)
        $(container).select('.tabs li, .content .tab').invoke('removeClassName', 'active');
        $(container).select('.tabs li')[index].addClassName('active');
        $(container).select('.content .tab')[index].addClassName('active');
        $(container).select('.content .tab').invoke('setStyle', {'display': 'none'});
        $(container).select('.content .tab')[index].setStyle({'display': 'block'});

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Do you receive any JavaScript errors? –  aikeru Aug 6 '12 at 14:32
Thanks aikeru, it is work now, it's my errors to make something wrong., I will closed this post. –  user1579524 Aug 6 '12 at 14:44
The code work for me now, but I don't know how to close this post. –  user1579524 Aug 6 '12 at 14:46

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