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In my ant script, I have target, which zipped a project. How can I start another target after this target finished?

Thanks a lot!

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have you tried with <antcall>? –  mabbas Aug 6 '12 at 14:48
As reflected in the answers, the idiomatic way to do this is to have the final step declare its dependencies and call that. That way you can call next-target if you want the normal run, or just zip-target if you for some reason want just the zip file. –  Jacob Raihle Aug 6 '12 at 15:40

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Let's assume the target you have is zip-project and the next target you want to execute is next-target-for-something

One way of doing this is using antcall

 <target name="zip-project">
     <!-- Your Zipping Task-->
     <antcall target="next-target-for-something"/>

Remember antcall can be invoked inside a target only

Another way of doing this is using depends You would have something like:

<target name="zip-project" >
     <!-- Your Zipping Task-->

Now define the next task as

<target name="next-target-for-something" depends="zip-project" >
     <!-- Your Next Task-->

though this works in opposite manner of what you would have asked. So you need to call the ant like...

ant -buildfile <build.xml> next-target-for-something

and it will make sure that first zip-project is completed and then next-target-for-something will be executed.

Hope this helps!!

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You can use depencencies to achive this. Here is an example:

<target name="nextstep" depends="target">
[Do what ever ...]

This will run after target has been finished if you run "ant nextstep".

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