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I have to test some complicated web service using Selenium.

Problem is that ids of elements are changing from session to session.
For example there is bunch of inputs each have id with prefix textf_id_DComboBox_ and ends with a consecutive numbers, starting number is random (session dependent).
Those inputs doesn't have a common parent so nth-child doesn't work.\

I can find first input by using selector: css=input[id^='textf_id_DComboBox_'] but I have no idea how to find next items (1-7) which match this selector. I've found some suggestions on stackoverflow that xpath selector should be used, but I was unable to adopt examples for my use case.

I have also alternative selector which captures first input: css=td.DForm_treeGridNoWrap input.

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You can use this XPath in order to select all inputs that contain a common id:

string comboBoxXPath = "//input[contains(@id, 'textf_id_DComboBox')]";
List<WebElement> comboBoxElements = driver.findElements(By.XPath(comboBoxXPath));

At this point, you can iterate through the entire collection, or you can select which one you'd like to interact with by using an index:


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I'm using selenium scripts, so your answer has lead me to proper solution: xpath=(//input[contains(@id, 'textf_id_DComboBox_')])[7], thanks –  Marek R Aug 7 '12 at 8:01

Well, that descrption does not help that much. You can try these tricks:

  • You can call findElement on WebElement This trick will probably not work, because those IDs do not have common parent. But if they are wrapped, say, in table, you can find the table first:

     WebElement table = driver.findElement(By.id("the-table"));

And then to find all input in such table:

      List<WebElement> inputs = table.findElements(By.tagName("input"));
  • Install Selenium IDE to your firefox and try record testcase by using it. You can play with target in Selenium IDE.

  • Dirty approach

       List<WebElement> allInputs = driver.findElements(By.tagName("input"));

    Will find all inputs in such page.

Footnote: The code is Java and driver variable is considered as healthy instance of WebDriver

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