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For sqlalchemy, Who can gently give simple examples of SQL functions like sum, average, min, max, for a column (score in the following as an example).

As for this mapper:

class Score(Base):
    name = Column(String)
    score= Column(Integer)
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See SQL Expression Language Tutorial for the usage. The code below shows the usage:

from sqlalchemy.sql import func
qry = session.query(func.max(Score.score).label("max_score"), 
#qry = qry.group_by(Score.some_group_column)
for _res in qry.all():
    print _res
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Does this, unlike SQL, correctly handle summing the empty set, i.e. returning 0 instead of NULL? –  Polymorphic Potato Aug 20 at 8:29
It uses respective SQL functions with all their pluses and minuses. –  van Aug 20 at 8:31
That's a pity. Something like this should work. –  Polymorphic Potato Aug 20 at 8:34

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