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I'm using this plugin: jquery cycle

I have several slideshows running at the same time, each starts with a logo of a client and the rest of the images are picutres of their work.

I would like to remove the logo slide once I'm starting to view the rest of the slides so when the slideshows loops I will no longer see the logo slide and continue with the first one of the picture set

How can I achieve that?

My current code:

var $li = $("#somediv ul li");

    var random_ms = randomFromInterval(5, 10) * 1000;

        fx: "fade, scrollUp, scrollDown, scrollLeft, scrollRight",
        timeout: random_ms,
        delay: -3500

this solution didn't worked for me

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ok, finally this is what I did: inside go() -line 623 in version 2.9999.5- the first instruction must be

if(opts.nextSlide == 0)

before this line:

var p = opts.$cont[0], curr = els[opts.currSlide], next = els[opts.nextSlide];
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