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I am running on my local Windows machine the WSO2 ESB and WSO2 Governance Reg. The problem is that I have to alternate their execution, since the management Panel is at the same address: https://192......:9443/carbon/ So I can see only one at the time.

What Can I do to access both management panels at different URLS on the same machine? Or do you think is a bad practise to run both WSO2 platforms on the same machine?

I hope my question is not confusing. Many thanks for your help

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You can run multiple WSO2 Servers (eg. ESB, AS, BPS etc.), by easily switching the ports using the Ports/offset property in the repository/conf/carbon.xml. Offset moves all ports by the given value. By default, the offset property is set to zero. (https://192......:9443/carbon/)

To set offset value to 1; (https://192......:9444/carbon/) alter following property value in repository/conf/carbon.xml


Hope this helps.



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Hi thanks a lot! –  nuvio Aug 6 '12 at 20:44
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