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I am having trouble sending a List<> to a textbox and i am not sure what the trouble is. I have checked so the List actually has values in it and that it gets properly transfered from the class into this block.

The code:

  public void Listtest(List<string> m_customers)

        for (int index = 0; index == m_customers.Count; index++)

The other class that is sending the List<>

     class CustomManager
    //private List<Customer> m_customers;
    List<string> m_customers = new List<string>();        

    public void CreateNewString(string adresslist, string emaillist, string phonelist, string namelist)
        MainForm strIn = new MainForm();
        string newlist = string.Format("{0,-3} {1, -10} {2, -20} {3, -30}", namelist, phonelist, emaillist, adresslist);           
        m_customers.Add(newlist);  //líst is created.

I just cant get it to work and I am really stuck. :/

Thanks for any and all help and ideas!!!


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Change the loop condition to: index < m_customers.Count

Edit Also you might want to create a class for this data:

class Person
    public string Name {get; set;}
    public string Address {get; set;}
    public string Email {get; set;}

So you can make a list of Persons: List<Person>

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Erno's answer should take care of your issue, but I would also recommend that you read up on foreach. Using this would change your code from:

    for (int index = 0; index < m_customers.Count; index++)


    foreach (string cust in m_customers)
        lstRegistry.Items.Add(cust );

Which I would argue is easier to read.

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