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I have installed OpenCart 1.5.3 solution to my website. I have set drop down box to Mail in Settings->Mail of admin section instead of SMTP. So, after this settings, when I place an order or ask some information through contact us form, I don't get any email. Neither the customer, nor the owner gets any notification. Help me please.

P.S. Owner's email is valid. I have sent emails to that address (info@mydomain.com) from Gmail and it's working.

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I have had problems with the SMTP settings with OC before - so I recoded the OpenCart to support my SMTP from Sendgrid and use PHP Swift mailer. How is your SMTP server and what is your server spec? –  TheBlackBenzKid Aug 8 '12 at 19:43

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After looking into different links, I found my OC Mail working with following settings:

Mail Tab::

Protocol: SMTP

Parameter: -femail@domain.com (do type -f and your email as one word)

SMTP Host: smtpout.secureserver.net

SMTP Username: email@domain.com

SMTP Password: password for this account

SMTP Port: 80

SMTP Timeout: 5

General Tab::

Email: email@domain.com

It's working fine at my end. You may not need to add General tab email. I think, you mention email here at which you want to receive all the emails.


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I have had this problem also when using SMTP. I switched the mail protocol to "Mail", not using SMTP. It works. I can receive mail now when using "Mail".

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