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I found a breadcrumb navigation generator online. I have included the code. It pulls the information for the current page from the title. I don't want it to pull from the title because that creates too long of a trail. The titles of pages are something like Page Name - Folder Name - My Company. This is for work so I can't change the format of the titles.

I tried defining a variable on each page called pageName and changing title to pageName in the crumb code but that doesn't seem to work.

<script type="text/javascript">
var pageName= 'Name';

How would I go about defining the variable so that it works. Or pull just the first portion of the page title before the dash?

function breadcrumbs(){
  sURL = new String;
  bits = new Object;
  var x = 0;
  var stop = 0;
  var output = "<div class=breadcrumbs><A HREF=/>Home</A> &nbsp;&raquo;&nbsp; ";

  sURL = location.href;
  sURL = sURL.slice(8,sURL.length);
  chunkStart = sURL.indexOf("/");
  sURL = sURL.slice(chunkStart+1,sURL.length)

  chunkStart = sURL.indexOf("/");
  if (chunkStart != -1){
    bits[x] = sURL.slice(0,chunkStart)
    sURL = sURL.slice(chunkStart+1,sURL.length);
    stop = 1;

for(var i in bits){
  output += "<A HREF=\"";
    output += "../";
  output += bits[i] + "/\">" + bits[i] + "</A> &nbsp;&raquo;&nbsp; ";
document.write(output + document.title);
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Whoever wrote that code is a nincompoop. Whoever heard of creating a String object in JavaScript, much less creating it and then promptly throwing it away by assigning an existing string to the same variable? –  Niet the Dark Absol Aug 6 '12 at 16:12

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Change this line:

document.write(output + document.title);


document.write(output + pageName);

This assumes that pageName is defined on each page this code appears on.

You could improve on this with this code:

if (typeof pageName != 'undefined')
    document.write(output + pageName);
    document.write(output + document.title);

This code will use the pageName if it exists, otherwise it falls back on the page title.

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