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I'm trying to convert a Sybase scripts into Oracle 11g. I'm not sure when it comes to translating the following and hoping someone would be able to help.

My Sybase has the following clause (simplified): SELECT * FROM MyTable1 a, MyTable2 b WHERE = AND a.date_modified > dateadd(dd, -4, getdate())

I translated into the following but not sure this is correct, please advice: SELECT * FROM MyTable1 a, MyTable2 b WHERE = AND a.dateAND a.date_modified > SYSDATE -4 ---> ?

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Just to clean it up, you have an additional WHERE clause that is not needed.

    MyTable1 a
    MyTable2 b 
ON ( =
    a.date_modified > TRUNC(SYSDATE) -4
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thank you! I changed my query – user1557856 Aug 6 '12 at 17:31

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