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I am making a Rails application and I have question regarding stripping text for tags. Is it normal to use the strip_tags method everywhere the view is showing text that the user have submitted? Or should all input be validated in the model and then you don't need the strip_tags method in the view? It will be many places to add this and therefore I wonder if I am correct.

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If you're working with Rails 3+, it automatically escapes everything outputted in views from Ruby. Nothing to do, you're safe by default.

If you're working with Rails 2.3 and down, use <%= h some_var %> to escape potentially harmful variables.

Also you could use the gem rails_xss with Rails 2.3 to add the protection from Rails 3

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I'd strip all tags on input / save and then you don't need to worry about it later. If you do want to actually maintain the tags then consider using the Presenter design pattern and just have all of your model data output go through its presenter, at which point you can strip tags in a single place.

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