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Is there a JavaScript library that can determine if a string matches a search query? It should be efficient and provide advanced query functionality like that of Google or LexisNexis (things like and/or operators, synonyms, and parentheses). Any kind of advanced search features would be great; it doesn't have to be an exact match to any particular search engine.

Motivation: I have an HTML page with a search box followed by a bunch of paragraphs (which have unique ids and are generated from a JavaScript array). When the user types a search query in the box and presses enter, all paragraphs should be hidden (i.e. their display set to none) if they don't match the query.

My current strategy (using jQuery):

  1. Separate the query string into an array of keywords by splitting it over whitespace.
  2. Hide all paragraphs with $('p').hide().
  3. For each keyword, show a paragraph containing it with $('p:contains("'+keyword+'")').show().

Which is an extremely limited search feature that is case-sensitive, treats all keywords as optional, and doesn't provide operators like and, or, or parentheses. It's also inefficient because it goes through each string once for each keyword even if it has already been matched.

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to make case insensitive, you can convert the keyword to lowercase and check for the match i,e. keyword.toLowerCase() – shreedhar Aug 6 '12 at 17:00
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Here are some libraries that I am evaluating for projects (in July 2013). Any of these should be able to provide the core of the search feature.

If you feel like building your own, here are implementations of 2 common stemming algorithms to get you started:

As for handling boolean logic search operators, maybe this question about js query parsers will be useful.

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the best(easy and good) way is to use vector Search Algoritm

first take all words in each pahregraph and save them in a vector object (how to builed explained later)

and compare relation to query Vector of each Pargraph Vector

on each word use the Poter stemer to make it cluster things like kid and kids

var Vector = function(phar){

var self = this;
self.InitVector = function (){
    var wordArray = self.spltwords(phar);
    self.VectorSize = wordArray .length;
    var stemdWordArray = self.runPotterStemmer(wordArray);
    self.VectoData = self.GroupAndCountWords(stemdWordArray) ;
self.VectoData ={}; 

self.runPotterStemmer = function(arr){
//run potter as seen in link
self.spltwords= function(arr){
//run split
   self.GroupAndCountWords = function(arr)
        for(var i=0;i<arr.length;i++ )
               if(VectoData[arr[i]] === undefine)
                    VectoData[arr[i]] = 0;     
                    VectoData[arr[i]]  = VectoData[arr[i]] +1;        

    } = function(queryVector){
    //   compare     queryVector to current vector and return a simlarty number
    // number of simeler words counr in query divided by the length of phargrafh                       
return self;
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stemmer in JS – yamsalm Aug 8 '12 at 12:05

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