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I'm trying to rewrite some old python code with requests module. The purpose is to upload an attachment. The mail server requires the following specification :


Old code which works:

h = httplib2.Http()        
        resp, content = h.request('https://api.elasticemail.com/attachments/upload?username=omer&api_key=b01ad0ce&file=tmp.txt', 
        "PUT", body=file(filepath).read(), 
        headers={'content-type':'text/plain'} )

Didn't find how to use the body part in requests.

I managed to do the following:

 response = requests.put('https://api.elasticemail.com/attachments/upload',
                     auth=('omer', 'b01ad0ce')                  

But have no idea how to specify the body part with the content of the file.

Thanks for your help. Omer.

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Quoting from the docs

data – (optional) Dictionary or bytes to send in the body of the Request.

So this should work (not tested):

 filepath = 'yourfilename.txt'
 with open(filepath) as fh:
     mydata = fh.read()
     response = requests.put('https://api.elasticemail.com/attachments/upload',
                auth=('omer', 'b01ad0ce'),
                params={'file': filepath}
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Thanks much !!!! –  omer bach Aug 6 '12 at 20:22

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