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I am using jQuery Datatables and I am curious if anyone has run into this issue and a possible native workaround. When filtering, via the searchbox and using a regex search, I have found a pipe seems to break the listener on the search box. I currently have a table with several rows. If I type the following:

add => shows all entries with the string add in it (expected) build => shows all entries with the string build in it (expected

The listeners works find with looking for one string. If I type:

add| => the listener appears to break on the pipe. As in the following:

add|b => takes no action. (Unexpected)

It continues to only show the results with add. However, if I backspace after adding the character b (or any character after the pipe) the listener turns back on. So, if I take the "add|b" backspace over b and then proceed with the second string:

add|build => it works as expected.

I can filter via scripting add|build and it works fine as well. ie:


I have read:


and I do understand I can develop a plugin to handle this. I would like to avoid that if possible. Has anyone seen the pipe break a (I assume keyup) listener in datatables? Was there an out of the box way to resolve it?


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