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Does Google and other web crawlers see, read, index and pass value of a link within an iframe?

What is the crawler behavior in general with iframes? Say Iframes have external links. And when Iframes have internal links (links within same domain)

I need this clarification because, My website has many iframes, embedded code from other sites, and have external links. I wanted to clearly know the effect on Page Ranks; i.e when search engines crawl over my site?

UPDATE - This link explains the behavior - http://www.seomoz.org/learn-seo/duplicate-content

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Thanks for the UPDATE. :) –  pajju Feb 16 '13 at 7:50

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The first result answers your question, backed by a case study. Did you find conflicting evidence?

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Does this hit the page-rank score? I'm interested to know more how it affects page-ranks. –  pajju Aug 8 '12 at 4:08

I believe I recently read an article that confirmed links were followed via iframes.however I don't know how much pagerank is passed, which is probably more important and harder to confirm.

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... I agree with Zachary however could you please all ponder on following statement:

    By using iframe to embed some other site's content
you are creating a duplicate content under
the different domain name. You are diluting
the original site's uniqueness and
that is as far as I know penalized.

Any thoughts... ?

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and does Duplicating the Content should lower the pagerank too? –  pajju Aug 8 '12 at 4:05
As far as I know it does. This site seems to have a good explanation: seomoz.org/learn-seo/duplicate-content –  Milan Aug 27 '12 at 14:00
Sounds unlikely to me. An iFrame is a valid feature of HTML. I doubt you could hurt a site by embedding it's content in an iFrame on your site. This would be a clear attack vector. –  superluminary Nov 6 '14 at 13:54

I recently looked up all the back-linking pages to one of my client's larger site. I blocked all links from the pages which were including my client's pages in the .

First of all, by counting how much quality juice these pages were passing it was not a hard decision to make. My client's bounce-rate dropped 4.5%, it did not help in Google but Bing and Yahoo started ranking affected pages higher. Coincidence ?

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