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I am trying to find out how can I strike-through some text in my nodes in dot based graphviz diagrams?

I checked out on this page, but couldn't figure out:

Googling around didn't help as well.

Consider this diagram, these are basically bug numbers from a bugzilla. The red nodes represent closed bugs, but I do not want to color code them like this. Obviously striken-through 511272 is more intuitive than a red colored node 511272.

enter image description here

If anyone knows how to strike-through text inside nodes, please share. thanks,


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Graphviz does not have a styling of its own to do this, but since it is Unicode you can use the technique with combining characters and "combining long stroke overlay" (U+0336) that the wikipedia article on strikethrough suggests:

In plain text scenarios where markup cannot be used, Unicode offers a number of combining characters that achieve similar effects. The "long stroke overlay" (U+0336) results in an unbroken stroke across the text,

  • Separate: A̶B̶C̶D̶E̶F̶G̶H̶I̶
  • Combined: A̶B̶C̶D̶E̶F̶G̶H̶I̶

This graph:

digraph G {
    a [label="1̶2̶3̶4̶5̶"]
    b [label="54321"]

Renders this png output with graphviz 2.23.6:

graphviz example with unicode strikethrough

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Oh man, the answer was right there in front of me, but I didn't see it. You are awesome! Thanks, this solved my problem I have been stuck with since last week. Accepting your answer. – bits Aug 19 '12 at 19:24

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