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User forks project https://github.com/foo/project.git to https://github.com/bar/project.git and starts working on https://github.com/bar/project.git.

The changes he made to the forked copy can be pushed without any issues.

  1. How does user push changes in https://github.com/bar/project.git to https://github.com/foo/project.git

  2. How does user pull changes from https://github.com/foo/project.git to https://github.com/bar/project.git

Appreciate if you can provide the exact steps.

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The process is to use "pull requests". According to the above doc, go to github.com/bar/project.git, click on "Pull Request" and update the destination to point to github.com/foo/project.git.

After the pull request is sent, the owner can review and automatically merge the pull request on the original repo.

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