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I want to make a select from (subquery_with_temporary_table) request using Nhibernate. The issue is that it seems to be the only available option to make the query server side.

I need smth like this:

SELECT * from IdTable1.Id, IdTable2.Id, Average(Max(Column1) - Min(Column2))
From IdTable1, IdTable2
GROUP BY IdTable1.Id, IdTable2.Id

SQL does not allow to execute nested aggregation functions, the next solution works fine:

  SELECT AVG(max - min) FROM 
   (SELECT * from IdTable1.Id, IdTable2.Id, Max(Column1)as max,  Min(Column2)as min
    From IdTable1, IdTable2
    GROUP BY IdTable1.Id, IdTable2.Id)

I do not have a strong preference on this subquery but I really want to avoid pulling extra data server side since the table is quite huge (mlns of records)

What is the best way to solve this issue using NHibernate QueryOver? (avoiding SQL and HQL is a convention on the project)

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"avoiding SQL and HQL is a convention on the project" You might want to revisit that. What's the reason for an arbitrary restriction like that? – Diego Mijelshon Aug 7 '12 at 15:31

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