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I'm using Alpstein/Route-me to work with map in my iPhone application. I want a balloon (something like MKAnnotationView, I think) to appear when I tap on marker on the map. Is there any ways to do it with Alpstein Route-me?

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You would have to define a subclass to RMMapLayer. RMMapLayers are used to present annotations on the map like a MKAnnotationView is the visual representation of a MKAnnotation. A good starting point is probably the RMMarker class, which is a subclass of RMMapLayer and is used to present markers on the map.

Depending on the style the balloon is supposed to appear you might also be able to simply catch a tap on a marker in your map view controller. The map view informs its delegate about a tap by invoking

- (void)tapOnAnnotation:(RMAnnotation *)annotation 
                  onMap:(RMMapView *)mapView

When a tap occurs you can replace the annotation by an annotation that shows the balloon.

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