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It has been a while since I've been thinking over this feature that some websites are implementing and it looks to be very successful.

Websites like,, allow users to register new sub-domain names from within the website by using a simple HTML/PHP form. With my current knowledge of PHP I couldn't figure out myself how this is done. I've read some posts on this and still can't build a clear idea about this.

So, how do I create a script that allows users to register their own sub-domains on my website ( and more than that, how do I allow them to use a different website template (as does). Is this possible to be done on a shared server or a dedicated server is needed?

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These subdomain issues are brought down to the level of nice URLs, friendly URLs etcetera, as this feature has various names.

Basically what you do is that you set up a redirection so that if someone enters, the server will serve or After this, it's only a matter of how you put together your PHP script so that user.php or the contents of /foobar is parsed properly. The "registration" part is statically done in the .htaccess file in your DocumentRoot.

Of course this will need some sort of proper error handling for a nonexistant "subdomain".

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Yes, I've read some posts about redirection and it looks to be a good alternative. But, the thing is, as I imagine, the URL in the address bar changes after redirection, from to How do I do to keep the URL unchanged like, And, one more question, is this can be done on a shared server, because some hosting companies doesn't allow users to have access to the .htaccess and change it. – Andrei Stalbe Aug 7 '12 at 7:48
Advanced configurations like these might not be pulled off on a shared server as it requires extensive usage of .htaccess. Companies like Wordpress and Tumblr have their own dedicated server clusters. The related .htaccess directive is the mod_rewrite module. – Whisperity Aug 7 '12 at 8:43

I can tell you a simple approach. First you have to enable subdomains in your domain. You can search for 'wildcard-dns and sub domains'. Next all is programming logic.

While registering you can ask for a unique subdomain name. After login, redirect it to the registered subdomain.

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