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Giving the following example:

var animal= null;

$.post("ajax.php",{data: data}, function(output){
     animal = output.animal;


In principle I wanted the variable to return something outside the ajax function's success callback and I declare it outside the post. However it is still returning "null". What am I doing wrong?

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It is asynchronous...use callback function –  user1042031 Aug 6 '12 at 19:22

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The problem is the alert command is executing before the success function, because $.post is by definition asynchronous.

To do what you want, you have to use a synchronous request (the code will not execute before the request is over) like this:

 var animal = null;

        url: 'ajax.php',
        async: false,   // this is the important line that makes the request sincronous
        type: 'post',
        dataType: 'json', 
        success: function(output) {
                animal = output.animal;


Good luck!

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As $.post() is asynchronous. So you can't do what you want. Instead of that you have to use callback function like below:

var animal= null;

$.post("ajax.php",{data: data}, function(data){

     // this callback will execute after
     // after finish the post with
     // and get returned data from server

     animal = data.animal;

function callFunc(animal) {
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