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This should be a really simple question, but I'm still having difficulty.

I have a namespace and a single member function as follows:

fb = 
    test1: ->
        console.log "test"

However, when I try to call the function in another file by using


it doesn't recognize 'fb' as the namespace name. I have made sure that both files are sharing the same 'window' by making the proper inclusions.

EDIT: this code worked with the function call: window.fb.test1() and the namespace declaration: window.fb

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Assuming you are doing this in the browser, try changing fb = to window.fb = and then see if you are able to find it in the "other file". You could also compile both files using --join or --bare, but be aware of the consequences.

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When you want to define a global namespace do it like this:

fb = window.fb ?= {}

You can spread such declaration across multiple files safely.

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