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I need some help, I've never done my own SQL search before and I'm trying to do this:

I have a database of names and locations (the locations are listed with a Latitude record and a Longitude record). Then, a user can search by entering their zip code (which is converted to longitude and latitude) and a distance they're willing to travel (in miles, which I can convert to lon/lat distance).

How can I return the results ordered by the distance away from their ZipCode?

Please keep in mind, I haven't ever done anything like this before.

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There's a mathematical formula for figuring the shortest distance between two points on a sphere. The formula and a JS implementation of it are here:

A T-SQL implementation is here:

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So once I have all of the locations within the distance desired, how do I display the results ordered from closest to furthest? Is that handled through JavaScript, PHP or SQL? – Justgrant2009 Aug 6 '12 at 20:12
I'd do it through SQL - define a database function to calculate the distance and then use that in your select statement: e.g. "select name, location, zipdistance( userzip, location_lat, location_lon ) as distance from mytable order by zipdistance(userzip, location_lat, location_lon)" – Jay Eckles Aug 13 '12 at 18:29

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