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I developed an application for posting however it does not work with multithreading some issue in the posting method for libcurl which i cannot resolve.So i want to use HTTPWEBREQUEST instead .

I have the cookies saved in txt files with accounts username, how can i use them in HTTPWEBREQUEST

In simple my question is how to retrieve cookies from txt files saved by libcurl into cookie container so i can use it with HTTPWEBREQUEST

The txt files are like:

# Netscape HTTP Cookie File
# This file was generated by libcurl! Edit at your own risk. FALSE   /   FALSE   10  _lipt   deleteMe    TRUE    /   FALSE   1407285025  bcookie "v=2&20ed7c4b-de0d-4a49-9e89-b2260988e566" FALSE   /   FALSE   1351985424  leo_auth_token  "LIM:187682881:a:1344209425:6b1292e2a3dfd0f7f40d4fc7bb196457ca9f3e04" FALSE   /   FALSE   10  sl  "delete me" FALSE   /   TRUE    0   s_leo_auth_token    "LIM:187682881:s:1344209425:eb957b29be2d103d418a49888733167af66c37cd" FALSE   /   FALSE   0   JSESSIONID  "ajax:00000000000000" FALSE   /   FALSE   1407285025  visit   "v=1&M" FALSE   /   FALSE   10  li_a    "delete me" FALSE   /   FALSE   10  mst "delete me" FALSE   /   FALSE   10  li_at   "delete me"    TRUE    /   FALSE   0   lang    "v=2&lang=en-us" FALSE   /uas/   FALSE   0   X-LI-IDC    C1 FALSE   /   FALSE   0   X-LI-IDC    C1


DOES the webbrowser also have cookies int he same way which we can retrive using:

                string[] array = webBrowser1.Document.Cookie.Split(new char[]
                for (int i = 0; i < array.Length; i++)
                    string cookie = array[i];
                    string name = cookie.Split(new char[]
                    string value = cookie.Substring(name.Length + 1);
                    string path = "/";
                    string domain = "";
                    yummycookies.Add(new Cookie(name.Trim(), value.Trim(), path, domain));

Any help highly appreciated!

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You need to create a CookieContainer, which stores cookied for HttpWebRequest.

You can parse the cookies from the file and add them to the CookieContainer.

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I get all the cookies save to cookie container and create WEBREQUEST but it does not work , i get html (moved temporarily) ? And with this cookie file it works fine with libcurl – confusedMind Aug 6 '12 at 21:47
i duplicated all lines using fiddler and it work:) thank you – confusedMind Aug 6 '12 at 23:44

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