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I am trying to trace all of the zombies in my application and get better understanding of how the event binding happens. I have a view that binds its collection "add" event to its render function.

_.bindAll(this, "render");
this.collection.bind("add", this.render);

So if I log something in my render function I can see in console that rendering happened twice right after user adds new model through UI. The console output looks like this:

rendering                                  index.js?body=1 (line 88)

POST http://localhost:3000/tasks           jquery.js?body=1 (line 8103)

rendering                                  index.js?body=1 (line 88)

I wonder why is this happening. I know for a fact that model was added only once to the collection so that makes me think that event should only be fired once. Then I don't understand why render was executed twice. I have looked in similar question here but it is different because I am using add event instead of change.

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You should show us more code. What is the code that implement this "user adds new model through UI"? – fguillen Aug 6 '12 at 20:19

Did you instantiate your view twice? It might be 2 different views.

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I think that you are calling render two times.

Yoy are doing something like this:

var yourView = new YourDefinedView();
yourView.render(); // this is your manual call to render

//here you call to the server and when data arrives is the second render

I do not think that render is the best method to bind when a collection receives a new item.

Check this example how we bind a specific event for add items from the Collection to the View:

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It turned out that there was an additional binding to render through Event Aggregator. It was added by another developer.

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