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I'm trying to use a CKEDITOR instance into a jqueryUI dialog.


It works fine until i want to use the dialogs from the editor (f.e. dialog to set an URL, dialog to create a table)

it's like i can't click on that dialog..

i was checking for the z-index (i think that is the problem) but nothing, it is the highest level and nothing, i can not use those dialogs.

Anybody knows why is this for?

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Its easy, just the next code ( sorry for the formatting, but I'm replying using my mobile )

$("<div><textarea id='foo'></textarea></div>").dialog({});
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Some hours before I detected a small bug in it's behavior if you click at some ckeditor's buttons, so I've opened a ticket. Track it if you want to avoid this problem if anybody knows how to solve it stackoverflow.com/questions/18084752/… –  Ger Soto Aug 6 '13 at 18:26

I know this post is a little late, but maybe it'll help the next guy. To create a ckeditor instance in a dialog, you have to load the dialog first and then create ckeditor like this:

    open: function() {
         $("#mytextarea").ckeditor(); //LOAD IT HERE
    close: function() {
       //you might want to destroy the instance once the dialog closes 
       //to keep things clean
    autoOpen: true, ... more options

Hope this helps.

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