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"The current vertex declaration does not include all the elements required by the current vertex shader. TextureCoordinate0 is missing."

I get this error when I try to use a spriteFont to draw my FPS on the screen, on the line where I call spriteBatch.End()

My effect doesn't even use texture coordinates. But I have found the root of the problem, just not how to fix it. I have a separate thread that builds the geometry (an LOD algorithm) and somehow this seems to be why I have the problem. If I make it non-threaded and just update my mesh per frame I don't get an error. And also if I keep it multithreaded but don't try to draw text on the screen it works fine. I just can't do both.

To make it even more strange, it actually compiles and runs for a little bit. But always crashes. I put a Thread.Sleep in the method that builds the mesh so that it happens less often and I saw that the more I make this thread sleep, and the less it gets called, the longer it will run on average before crashing. If it sleeps for 1000ms it runs for maybe a minute. If it sleeps for 10ms it doesn't even show one frame before crashing. This makes me believe that it has to do with a certain line of code being executed on the mesh building thread at the same time you are drawing text on the screen.

It seems like maybe I have to lock something when drawing the text, but I have no clue. Any ideas?

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My information comes from the presentation "Understanding XNA Framework Performance" from GDC 2008. It says:

  • GraphicsDevice is somewhat thread-safe
    • Cannot render from more than one thread at a time
    • Can create resources and SetData while another thread renders
  • ContentManager is not thread-safe
    • Ok to have multiple instances, but only one per thread

My guess is that you're breaking one of these rules somewhere. Or you're modifying a buffer that is being used to render without the appropriate locking.

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