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I need to make a complex filter that implies to apply a function over a model property.

The equivalent SQL query is:

SELECT * FROM myModel_table t WHERE abs(t.field1 - :binding_value) <= 50

where binding_value is a numeric received from the client.

Is there any way to define a field lookup using a funcion? Or do I have to directly use the raw sql?

Thank you.

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In this case the best way would be to use Django's queryset extra() method:

MyModel.objects.extra(where=['abs(field1 - %s) <= 50'], params=[binding_value])
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It works perfect, thank you!! – kothvandir Aug 7 '12 at 11:49

If i'm not thinking the wrong way (please let me now if i am), you can "translate" you query a little to use simple django filtering.

First, it's True that:

abs(A - B) <= 50

is equal to:

-50 <= A - B <= 50

Then, this is equal to:

-50 + B <= A <= 50 + B

Then, your query could be like this:

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Yes, it would work with this filter, but i have to apply other functions in other parts of the application, and it would be more flexible to use the "extra" filter over the queryset. Thank you for your time. – kothvandir Aug 7 '12 at 11:52

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