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Just downloaded the latest SpecFlow 1.9 from NuGet into the BookStore demo.

The scenarios run fine - everything passes.

When I install SpecRun 1.1 from NuGet and run the scenarios, SpecFlow gives me a dialog box that states: "Unable to find SpecRun.exe."

I have removed MSTest runner from app.config.

I have verified that SpecRun.exe is in: \BookShop\packages\SpecRun.Runner.1.1.0\tools

It compiles fine, the site still runs fine - just not SpecFlow using SpecRun.

Am i missing a config step?


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You probably need to upgrade both the NuGet-package and the VS IDE integration; http://www.specflow.org/specflownew/WhatsNew19.html.

Worked for me at least :)

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I faced the similar problem. Try to install SpecFlow 1.9.2 extension via Tools->Extension Manager...

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I believe the problem is with the removal of MSTest. I had the same error ("Unable to find SpecRun.exe"), and in my case it was because the Test runner tool in my project settings was not set to MSTest.

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