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I am trying to select all the text in a textbox in order to clear the textbox. I am using Ctrl+A to do this using the following Python 2.7 code on Selenium RC standalone 2.20.0.jar Server on Windows 7 firefox:

from selenium import selenium
s = selenium('remote-machine-ip', 4444, '*chrome', 'http://my-website-with-textbox')
locator = 'mylocator-of-textbox'
s.type(locator, 'mytext')
s.key_down(locator, "A")
s.key_press(locator, "A")
s.key_up(locator, "A")

# Nothing happens here... I cannot see the text getting selected...

# Nothing gets cleared here except the last char
s.key_down(locator, chr(8))  # Pressing backspace
s.key_press(locator, chr(8))
s.key_up(locator, chr(8))

Any help? Thanks, Amit

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I'm using clear() in WebDriver without any hassle...

el = self.selenium.find_element_by_name(name)
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I am not using WebDriver, because I am using Selenium RC... Any idea how to do the same in Selenium RC... I don't want to move to WebDriver now... –  abarik Aug 6 '12 at 21:48
If .clear is not present in RC (I think it is), how about .type("") ? –  starenka Aug 6 '12 at 21:53
I tried .type("A") in place of .key_down/press/up().... But I get the following exception: type not supported immediately after call to controlKeyDown() or altKeyDown() or metaKeyDown() –  abarik Aug 6 '12 at 21:54

In Selenium RC, simply use the following to clear a textbox

selenium.type("someLocator", "");

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Try using first


then use element


It might solve your issue as it really solved mine.

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