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I've got 2 test categories "A" and "B". I want the build definition to ignore both of them, so I entered the following into the Category Filter:


Result: MSBuild will ignore all Tests marked with "A" but not the ones marked with "B". BUT: If I add "A" to the tests marked only with "B" it'll work properly.

I can't explain it better, even if I overthink it twice :-(.

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I believe since you are using '!' or "NOT EQUAL' you need to have an 'OR' in the not the 'AND'.

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Thank you for this reply. Unfortunal I can't test this out because the filter has changed in TFS 2012 and I switched to this version already. I'll give you an uprate. – sprinter252 Jul 31 '13 at 17:36
@sprinter252 It's the correct answer anyway. It's basic boolean logic. You wanted to exclude all A and all B but you were originally excluding tests that were both NOT A and NOT B. The | operator is correct here. – Gilles Mar 11 at 21:03
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Seems to be obsolete because the problem does not occure in TFS 2013. They changed the syntax inside the filter. Maybe thats why?

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