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I'm writing a simple "Hello world" with apache and web.py. The app works when I go to


but not when I go to:


My intuition (clearly wrong) was that the following code would have matched either of these addresses.

import sys, os
abspath = os.path.dirname(__file__)

import web

urls = (
      '/.*', 'hello',

class hello:
      def GET(self):
          return "Hello, web.py world."

application = web.application(urls, globals()).wsgifunc()

What do I need to change in order to match both of these?

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When the URL is "http://sandbox-dev.com/webapp", web.py sees it as "", not as "/". So changing the url pattern to ".*" will work.

But, probably you should fix that in your apache configuration and not in webapp. Add a rule to redirect /webapp to /webapp/.

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If you're trying to have the front page be handled by the class hello, all you need is this:

urls = (
  '/', 'hello',

Or did I misunderstand your intentions?

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@Anand Chitipothu is right.

http://sandbox-dev.com/webapp/ matches '/'


http://sandbox-dev.com/webapp matches '' #empty string

so if you want to fix it in webpy, you can write:

urls = (
    '.*', 'hello'    #match all path including empty string

or add a Redirect class

urls = (
    '/.*', 'hello',  
    '', 'Redirect'
class Redirect(object):
    def GET(self):
        raise web.seeother('/')    # this will make the browser jump to url: http://sandbox-dev.com/webapp/
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