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I have 5 web sites that built on the same db, each website and the db are located at different server.

i wanna build unified admin control panel, what are the conventions for such matter? do you have any suggestions?

(the web sites must be located on different servers) the sites built on php and mysql

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for example, if i wanna add/update some user in each DB of each site. i wanna make the update once, and it will make the update in each site. –  CaTz Aug 6 '12 at 22:10
peace of cake, configure all servers, write the command once, execute it on any server, e.g. via sourceforge.net/projects/tentakel –  hakre Aug 6 '12 at 22:15

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Whoa! Ultra vague question here.

You need to have a model of your system(s). It all comes down to identifying states for your system(s) and common and specific operations/tasks you want to perform, and how the state of your system(s) influences the outcome of performing this tasks, and how this operations/tasks change the state of your system(s)

You also need to have an interface to monitor the state of your system(s) and send orders to perform tasks/operations on them and monitor the outcome.

You obviously need to have a set of primitives to perform the tasks coming from your interface.

This three things are for me like separation between church and state. They're are related and interact, but none want to know specifics about the other. The less the better.

Assuming you want a web platform for your interface, and even if you don't, read on MVC and OO programming, because they introduce concepts that serve as powerful tools when it comes to implementing in stages, from generic to specific. If you can fit your interface on some precooked CMS you may save quite a load of work, presentation wise.

Hope this helps, I can try a better answer if you add some specifics to your question.

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first of all thank you! the system is working on MVC design pattern. The main question was (and maybe i not specified it like that), what are the conventions for passing a command from one control panel? what recommended to pass the final sql query or something else and how, using CURL, or cornjob on the servers it self? –  CaTz Aug 7 '12 at 6:52
Well, conventions can be left upon your best judgement or language specific or domain specific or school specific. I'm not familiar with Curl (neither as a programming language nor as a wget kind of tool), but if your platform is implemented in PHP, for example, I strongly suggest using PDO to pass your queries to the database. –  elcodedocle Aug 7 '12 at 14:03
Also cron tasks can be very useful to implement periodic background operations like backups, updates and generation and storing of ontime reports for later reading. You can implement a way to add, manipulate and read the output or reports coming from this tasks through your interface, but be careful to avoid catastrofic errors producing tasks that can hang up your servers and security holes that can be used maliciously to program undesired tasks. –  elcodedocle Aug 7 '12 at 14:12

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