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I am trying to make the following query in ActiveRecord in rails.

SELECT * FROM test_run WHERE build = '$build' AND suite='$suite'AND (result = 'fail' OR     result = 'error') 
    AND test_name NOT IN(SELECT test_name FROM test_run WHERE result = 'pass' AND   build  = '$build')GROUP BY test_name";

The first part is easy, I am not sure how to do the subquery.

scope :never_passed, lambda { |b| where(:build => b, :status => 'fail').where(??)

Any ideas on what I would need to do to be able to get this subquery to work as the sql above?


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check this out. It should save you some headaches: – AJcodez Aug 7 '12 at 17:06
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Thanks to Arel, you can do subqueries like:

TestRun.where(:test_name => TestRun.where('result != ? && build != ?','pass','somevalue').select('test_name')).to_sql

would output the following SQL:

SELECT `test_runs`.* FROM `test_runs` WHERE `test_runs`.`test_name` IN ('test1','test2')
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