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I keep getting ssl certificate error from google web master tool like below.

Dear Webmaster, The host name of your site,, does not match any of the "Subject Names" in your SSL certificate, which were:


This will cause many web browsers to block users from accessing your site, or to display a security warning message when your site is accessed. To correct this problem, please get a new SSL certificate by a Certificate Authority (CA) with a "Subject Name" or "Subject Alternative DNS Names" that matches your host name. Thanks, The Google Web Crawling Team

I set ssl to my heroku app by following instructions of Heroku dev center.

I also am using rack_rewrite for 301 redirect for redirecting from naked domain to www subdomain.

It seems everything is going fine from browser, when I access naked domain, it will redirect to without any SSL error.

output from heroku are like below

heroku certs --remote production

Endpoint                Common Name(s)                      Expires               Trusted
----------------------  ----------------------------------  --------------------  -------,            2013-08-05 00:20 PHT  True

heroku certs:info --remote production

Fetching information on SSL endpoint done
Certificate details:
    subject: /serialNumber=XXXXXXXXXX (c)12/OU=Domain Control Validated - RapidSSL(R)/
    start date: (some date)
    expire date: (some date)
    common name(s):,
    issuer: /serialNumber=XXXXXXXXXXX (c)12/OU=Domain Control Validated - RapidSSL(R)/
    SSL certificate is verified by a root authority.

domain settings

Type    NAME           TTL         Points to
ALIAS      3600
CNAME  3600

Why I keep getting the error from google?

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Naked Domains are not supported. See the documentation section at Heroku Endpoint SSL

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The Heroku Endpoint SSL documentation doesn't say anything about Naked Domains. What is a Naked Domain? –  Sam Backus May 2 '14 at 19:06
@Sam Backus search for 'root' instead of 'naked' at the link that Cesar provided. Naked just means without a subdomain, in this case. Btw, my guess as to why Atsuhiro was having problems (just a guess) is because it looks like he didn't buy a wildcard SSL, but rather a specific cert just for, when he should have purchased a wildcard SSL cert for * (so that both and would work under SSL). Maybe Atsuhiro will provide us with an update as to how he fixed it, if that wasn't it. Looks like he was correctly using an ALIAS record for his root domain. –  likethesky Jun 15 '14 at 16:00

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