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Even though it's documented that CakePHP will automatically clear the view caches when a model is updated, it doesn't.

It is important to remember that Cake will clear a cached view if a model used in the cached view is modified. For example, if a cached view uses data from the Post model, and there has been an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE query made to a Post, the cache for that view is cleared, and new content is generated on the next request.

Even calling the suggested Cache::clear() method manually does nothing. How do I clear the view cache in Cake?

(As of version Looking at the repository commits, even .8256 should have this problem.)

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possibly related to this, i was plagued by client-side caching in my baked index views. firefox, safari, IE were all problems, chrome was not. i fixed it by calling $this->disableCache() in my controllers. –  the0ther Jul 3 '10 at 4:49

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Use clearCache(), possibly automatically in a model afterSave callback:

// model file:
function afterSave($created) {

(Please also document other available solutions, this is the only one I could find.)

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shouldn't you also use parent::afterSave(false); as Aziz suggested in the other answer? –  kzkz Sep 19 '13 at 15:48

use Cache::clearCache(); or delete exactly file you don't want to delete

function afterSave($created)
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what does it mean "delete exactly file you don't want to delete"? –  kzkz Sep 19 '13 at 15:47

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