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In Visual Studio, when you change the name of a variable, a small red square appears underneath it and when you hover over it, a bigger yellow box appears, and when you click on that an option appears to automatically rename all instances of that variable to the new name. Is there a keyboard shortcut for this? It would be much faster than trying to hover over the tiny red box for half an hour... (if it matters I'm using the C# code editor)

EDIT: I am aware of CTRL+. but is there one where you don't have to press enter afterwards? :-)

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F2 displays the Rename dialog box, which allows renaming all references for an identifier.

enter image description here

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You can rename variables of this easy ways: Right click -> Rename or Ctrl+R-> Ctrl+R

enter image description here

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Thanks for your answer, however I was looking for a keyboard-only way rather than using the mouse :) –  Oztaco Apr 10 at 21:38

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