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I'm using Options –Indexes in a .htaccess file in the directory I want to disable listing, but still when I go to the directory I can see all the files in that directory. What am I doing wrong? (Apache server).

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Is it possible you have DirectorySlash turned off? It makes it so requests for directories that are missing the trailing slash gets redirected to the same directory with the trailing slash. By default it is on, but if it's turned off, it has a strange side effect that allows listing of directories regardless of the Indexes options:

Turning off the trailing slash redirect may result in an information disclosure. Consider a situation where mod_autoindex is active (Options +Indexes) and DirectoryIndex is set to a valid resource (say, index.html) and there's no other special handler defined for that URL. In this case a request with a trailing slash would show the index.html file. But a request without trailing slash would list the directory contents.

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