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I have just started using sass and still learning. I am using this command to generate css from sass:

sass --watch custom.scss:custom.css

It seems to remove empty classes and IDs. Is it possible to include them on the resulted css?

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Try throwing in a CSS comment inside the class so that it's no longer empty. – Jarrett Barnett Aug 7 '12 at 23:47
WHY do you want to have them included? It's just unnecessary load you shift around. – Christoph Aug 8 '12 at 8:07
so that it appears on firebug and i can add style from there and copy paste back to sass. i wanted this during development only not on the one that goes live. – Damodar Bashyal Aug 9 '12 at 0:08
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Why do you want to keep them? They have no CSS effect and they just make your file increase (even just a little bit) its size.

Anyway, sure you have a good reason... I think SASS never compiles empty classes, as a workaround you can add a CSS comment inside the class with no rules, so it will ve compiled.

.empty {
  /*I'm still empty*/
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nice! that works if compression is not applied. that's good enough for me. thx. – Damodar Bashyal Aug 9 '12 at 0:14
If you use /*! instead of /*, this will work for compiling with compression. The exclamation mark makes sure the comment won't be stripped out. – user2019515 Jul 31 '14 at 5:04

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