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I need to take an image and save it after some process. The figure looks fine when I display it, but when I save the figure I got some white space around the saved image. I have tried the 'tight' option for savefig method, did not work either. The code:

  import matplotlib.image as mpimg
  import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

  fig = plt.figure(1)
  img = mpimg.imread(path)

  extent = ax.get_window_extent().transformed(fig.dpi_scale_trans.inverted())
  plt.savefig('1.png', bbox_inches=extent)


I am trying to draw a basic graph by using NetworkX on a figure and save it. I realized that without graph it works, but when added a graph I get white space around the saved image;

import matplotlib.image as mpimg
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import networkx as nx

G = nx.Graph()
pos = {1:[100,120], 2:[200,300], 3:[50,75]}

fig = plt.figure(1)
img = mpimg.imread("C:\\images\\1.jpg")

nx.draw(G, pos=pos)

extent = ax.get_window_extent().transformed(fig.dpi_scale_trans.inverted())
plt.savefig('1.png', bbox_inches = extent)

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Possible duplicate of Saving a matplotlib/networkx figure without margins – Joel Oct 13 '15 at 10:03

You can remove the white space padding by setting bbox_inches="tight" in savefig:


You'll have to put the argument to bbox_inches as a string, perhaps this is why it didn't work earlier for you.

Possible duplicates:

Matplotlib plots: removing axis, legends and white spaces

How to set the margins for a matplotlib figure?

Reduce left and right margins in matplotlib plot

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What I try to do is to draw a graph on a figure by NetworkX then save it as an image. The problem - whiteSpace could be related to NetworkX commands. Anyway, I updated the question. Thanks – Ahmet Tuğrul Bayrak Aug 7 '12 at 16:46
This works great... until I have a suptitle which gets ignored by it. – Elliot Jan 3 '13 at 22:11
If you have multiple subplots and want to save each of them, you can use this with fig.savefig() too. (plt.savefig() will not work in that case.) – Abhranil Das Apr 21 '13 at 12:06
That's not quite right. When you use that bbox_inches option, there's another default that leaves some space. If you really want to get rid of everything, you need to also use pad_inches=0.0. Of course, such tight padding frequently cuts off, e.g., exponents... – Mike Dec 19 '14 at 16:46

I cannot claim I know exactly why or how my “solution” works, but this is what I had to do when I wanted to plot the outline of a couple of aerofoil sections — without white margins — to a PDF file. (Note that I used matplotlib inside an IPython notebook, with the -pylab flag.)

subplots_adjust(top = 1, bottom = 0, right = 1, left = 0, 
            hspace = 0, wspace = 0)
savefig("filename.pdf", bbox_inches = 'tight',
    pad_inches = 0)

I have tried to deactivate different parts of this, but this always lead to a white margin somewhere. You may even have modify this to keep fat lines near the limits of the figure from being shaved by the lack of margins.

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Finally something that works, thank you so much! By the way, in my case only the two lines using set_major_locator were necessary. – Florian Brucker Oct 28 '15 at 17:54

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