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I try to handle keystrokes, specifically Ctrl+char, by using the JQuery keydown event: http://api.jquery.com/keydown/

This works OK for Latin chars (for example, pressing Ctrl+B results in an event with "ctrlKey:true", and "which:66").

However, when I change my keyboard layout to Hebrew, and press the same keys (Ctrl+נ in this example), I get "which:0", keyCode and charCode are also 0, so I cannot detect which key exactly was pressed.

This is very annoying to my users, as they type in Hebrew, and must change their layout to English each time they want to press Ctrl+something.

I am sure it is possible to capture Hebrew keystrokes, since in the GMail editor (for example), I can click Ctrl+B in both English and Hebrew layouts, and get the same results.

System Information: Ubuntu 12.04, Firefox 14. (Note: in Chrome I do get the correct keycode).

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Hmm...I'm wondering if maybe you need to change the charset to hebrew. Have you tried doing charset="Windows-1255" and seeing if it changes anything? –  Ohgodwhy Aug 7 '12 at 1:21
My charset is UTF-8 because my database is UTF-8... I'm don't want to use other encodings because I'm afraid it will do a mess. –  Erel Segal Halevi Aug 7 '12 at 1:28

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Ah, I found it - just use the "keypress" event instead.

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