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I don't get any format security warnings (-Wformat-security) from this code using Xcode 4.4:

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

int main(int argc, const char * argv[])

    @autoreleasepool {

        // a = @"%@" or a = @"%@%@"
        NSString *a = [@"%@" stringByAppendingFormat:@"%@", arc4random_uniform(2)? @"%@": @"", nil];

        // 50% change of crash, but no warning
        NSLog(a, @"Hello, World!");

    return 0;

Is this normal or have I somehow disabled this warning in Xcode?

I have just created the project with this code, so it haven't changed the project settings from the default.

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Xcode 4.4 uses a new version of LLVM and Clang, did previous versions of Xcode cause -Wformat-security to light up? –  Jessedc Aug 7 '12 at 1:49
@jessedc yeah it showed it in Xcode 4.2 at least. I don't know about Xcode 4.3. –  Tyilo Aug 7 '12 at 1:50
hmm... It really is a LLVM question. –  Jessedc Aug 7 '12 at 1:56

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