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This is my 3 Android app and I have some weird behavior. My current app has a main view with an button to display dialog(A) and another button in dialog(A) that will launch dialog(B).

In all my app, if I am in dialog(A) and if I relaunch app it will start OnResume() and display where I have previously left off - dialog(A).

In my current app (similar code), when I relaunch the app it will start OnCreate() everything. After some googling, I added:

  if (!isTaskRoot()) {            isStart = false;
      final Intent intent = getIntent();
      final String intentAction = intent.getAction(); 
      if (intent.hasCategory(Intent.CATEGORY_LAUNCHER) && intentAction != null && intentAction.equals(Intent.ACTION_MAIN)) {
          Log.w(APP_TAG, "Main Activity is not the root.  Finishing Main Activity instead of launching.");
      }       }

It seems to correct this behavior. So, why do I have this behavior not with my other 2 app? What does the above code really do?

Next, another weird issue.

If I launch the app, click the main view button display dialog(A) -> display dialog(B) change screen orientation and nothing unusual.

But if I relaunch the app again (second time), although it display where I left of eg. main view or dialog(A) but if I do a screen orientation change it will display dialog(B) regardless if the before screen change is in main view or dialog(A).


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Noone have any answer? Help :) –  Cjbon Bon Aug 7 '12 at 13:10
Post your manifest –  David Wasser Aug 7 '12 at 15:47

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