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We are planning to have a feature similar to Google maps in our commercial desktop application. Can anyone suggest any such map libraries? This application needs both drawing facilities and features that would help in showing the maps too. The application will be in C# and hence the libraries need to be .NET based.

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There are a number of commercial map APIs. MapPoint has a range of geo charting, routing, drawing, etc facilities; I've used this very successfully in the past. It is COM-based, but works perfectly via interop (i.e. I used if from C#).

In addition to the desktop version there is also a web service API (a separate product with different licensing and features) (ooh, news to me; "mappoint web service" seems to have been replaced by Bing Maps for Enterprise...).

There are of course other vendors of such tools. For a broader search, one of the main keywords here is "GIS".

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