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I have a file in the res/raw folder called "book1tabs.txt", but in general I will not know what it is called. Then I have to do something like follows:

InputStream in = this.mCtx.getResources().openRawResource(R.raw.book1tabs);

But I want to use a string variable, like

String param = "book1tabs";

And be able to open up that same input stream.

Is there any way to do this?


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You can do something like this

String param = "book1tabs";

InputStream in = this.mCtx.getResources().openRawResource(mCtx.getResources().getIdentifier(param,"raw", mCtx.getPackageName()));

getIdentifier() will return the id from of particular parameter you passed.

Exactly what it will do is as follow

  • Maps the Package Name
  • Navigate to typeDef you provided
  • Finds the resource name you provided in the typeDef

For more information

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Wow that line was quite a mouthful... But hey if it does the job, awesome. Will test it out. – JDS Aug 7 '12 at 4:24

I find this method to be very useful to pull all sorts of resources by their string names...

public static int getResourceId(String name,  Class resType){

    try {
        Class res = null;
        if(resType == R.drawable.class)
            res = R.drawable.class;
        if(resType ==
            res =;
        if(resType == R.string.class)
            res = R.string.class;
                    if(resType == R.raw.class)
            res = R.raw.class;
        Field field = res.getField(name);
        int retId = field.getInt(null);
        return retId;
    catch (Exception e) {
       // Log.d(TAG, "Failure to get drawable id.", e);
    return 0;

This will return the numeric id (assuming such a resource exists). For the Class pass in R.drawable and for the string whatever it's xml based ID name is.

I always have this method hanging around all my projects for easy access.

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