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For example, when a particular application runs, it causes 10M of memory leaks. If I kill the process, will the 10M be recovered by the system?

I tried to check myself:

  • I created an application that will cause 10M memory leak.
  • Before I run it, I used "Memory Doctor" to check my free memory. (250.4M)
  • After I run and kill it, the "Memory Doctor" show my free memory is 240M.

I want to confirm: when the application killed, will the memory consumed by the process be reclaimed by the operating system or not?

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Yes, killed processes will return any used memory to the operating system.

Keep in mind that any filesystem cache used by the application may not be free'd immediately.

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Thank you.I got it –  Richard Shen Aug 7 '12 at 6:40

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