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I have variable dtTime of type DateTime and tmSpan of type TimeSpan. And i do these :

dtTime=new DateTime(1,1,1)+tmSpan;

After this if i change day time on dtTime this changes will be applied to tmSpan ? And if not is there any solution to apply something like this ?

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TimeSpans are immutable - if you look at the methods available, you'll find that any method that involves mutating the value returns a new TimeSpan structure. –  Damien_The_Unbeliever Aug 7 '12 at 6:28

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No it wont. tmSpan is independent variable holding some value. Changes in dtTime will not change tmSpan.

For your second part of question, I am not sure how are you calculating the time span but I believe you have to recalculate it in order to get the changes, something like:

tmSpan = dtTime - DateTime.Now;
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After changing dtTime you can do

tmSpan = dtTime - new DateTime(1,1,1);
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When you do this operation

dtTime=new DateTime(1,1,1)+tmSpan;

The part of the TimeSpan value is part of the dtTime instance and any changes to it won't be reflected back on the TimeSpan. you can still access the relevant parts by using dtTime.TimeOfDay which is what i think you are looking out for.

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