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I am a bit stuck with my bash script. I need it to login to a website which https based... it needs to login with a username and password and then it needs to locate a particular link, the text of the link is always the same but the location it points to changes, it needs to grab that location and download it with wget.

Anhbody have any tips, i need it to be portable so i prefer not to rely on external programs..

Thank you

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Where are you stuck? Can you show us some code? –  David Cain Aug 7 '12 at 6:46
Bash does not have SSL support, you have to use some external program, or hack in SSL to Bash itself (hardly more than a theoretical option). –  tripleee Aug 7 '12 at 7:51

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bash is not ideal for those kind of tasks. Although you can try something like:

curl --user name:password https://www.example.com/

But if you need to find a link on the page, you can try:

curl --user name:password https://www.example.com/ | grep WHAT_EVER_IDENTIFIES_LINK

Then get it's output via curl again.

But I would recommend something like mechanize for the task. There are simillar libraries for python and Ruby, etc.

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This code works to login to the website, but I am not sure how to proceed to identify the link and wget it...



uagent="Mozilla/5.0" #user agent (fake a browser)
sleeptime=0 #add pause between requests

touch "cookie.txt" #create a temp. cookie file

echo "[+] Fetching" && sleep $sleeptime
initpage=`curl -s -b "cookie.txt" -c "cookie.txt" -L --sslv3 -A "$uagent"                "https://ny2.free2surfvpn.com/?src=connect"`
token=`echo "$initpage" | grep "authenticity_token" | sed -e 's/.*value="//' | sed -e   's/" \/>.*//'`

echo "[+] Submitting the login form..." && sleep $sleeptime
loginpage=`curl -s -b "cookie.txt" -c "cookie.txt" -L --sslv3 -A "$uagent" -d     "authenticity_token=$token&username=$username&password=$password"     "https://mobile.twitter.com/session"`

echo "[+] Getting page" && sleep $sleeptime
homepage=`curl -s -b "cookie.txt" -c "cookie.txt" -L -A "$uagent"     "https://ny2.free2surfvpn.com/?src=connect"`

rm "cookie.txt"
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