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How to check if specific work available in a string? Let's say I have a string like this


so I want to check if name, pass or/and email are in the string. I need the answer be in boolean so I can do some stuff in there.

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that looks suspiciously like URL fragment .. –  tereško Aug 7 '12 at 7:08

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if ( stristr( $string, $string_im_looking_for) ){
     echo 'Yep!';
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$mystring = 'wrong=name&pass&email';
$findme   = 'name';
$pos = strpos($mystring, $findme);

if ($pos === false) {
echo "The string '$findme' was not found in the string '$mystring'";
} else {
echo "The string '$findme' was found in the string '$mystring'";
echo " and exists at position $pos";
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Use strstr()

if (strstr($string,'pass'))
    echo"pass is here";
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You can explode the string first. Something like this;

$arrayOfWords = explode('&', $yourString);

Then you loop through the array and check isset.

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From the looks of your example it seems what you actually want to do is parse a query string, e.g. with parse_str:

parse_str($string, $result);
  // Do something

However, if the string may be malformed etc. I would suggest using strpos, as unlike strstr and others it doesn't need to create a new string.

// Note the `!==` - strpos may return `0`, meaning the word is there at
// the 0th position, however `0 == false` so the `if` statement would fail
// otherwise.
if(strpos($string, 'email') !== false)
  // Do something
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