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I have a problem that I cannot understand

I am trying to make my webservice work from a class. I try'd to echo the xml from some function in a controllerclass, but that diddn't work. So, I moved the xml around to a place where it did work.

That means that I placed it before the loader function is called. That's where it still works. If I place the xml underneath the call to the loader function it's not working anymore. Thus the loader function somehow is preventing it to work.

I used this mvc model as an example how to do it. Sofar it all worked, except for the xml implementation now.

This is where it starts

include "registraties/includes/config.php";
include (MYSQL);


/*** include de init.php file ***/
 include 'includes/init.php';

/*** laad de router ***/
$registratie->router = new router($registratie);

/*** set het pad van de controller map ***/
$registratie->router->setPad ('controller');

/*** laad de template ***/
$registratie->template = new template($registratie);
header('Content-type: text/xml');
$status_code = 2;
    	$output= "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?>\n";
    	$output.= "<response>\n";
    	$output.= "\t<status>$status_code</status>\n";
    	$output.= "\t<fout>$gebruikersnaam</fout>\n";
    	$output.= "</response>";
    	echo trim($output);
/*** laad de controller ***/
// at this place the xml does not work

this is the router class with the loader function in it


class router {
    * @de registratie
    private $registratie;

    * @het pad naar de controller map
    private $pad;

    private $args = array();

    public $bestand;

    public $controller;

    public $actie;

    function __construct($registratie) {
    	$this->registratie = $registratie;

    * @set controller directory pad
    * @param string $pad
    * @return void
    function setPad($pad) {

    	/*** check of map bestaat***/
    	if (is_dir($pad)){
    	 /*** set het pad ***/
    	$this->pad = $pad;
    			throw new Exception ('Ongeldig controller pad: `' . $pad . '`');

    * @laad the controller
    * @access public
    * @return void
    public function loader(){

    	/*** check de route ***/

    	/*** als het bestand niet bestaat ***/
    	if (is_readable($this->bestand) == false){

    			$this->bestand = $this->pad.'/error404.php';
                $this->controller = 'error404';

    	/*** include de controller ***/
    	include $this->bestand;

    	/*** een nieuwe controller class instance ***/
    	$class = $this->controller . 'Controller';
    	$controller = new $class($this->registratie);

    	/*** check of actie is callable ***/
    	if (is_callable(array($controller, $this->actie)) == false){
    		$actie = 'index';
    		$actie = $this->actie;
    	/*** voer de actie uit ***/

    * @get de controller
    * @access private
    * @return void
    private function getController() {

    	/*** get de route van de url ***/
    	$route = (empty($_GET['url'])) ? '' : $_GET['url'];

    	if (empty($route)){
    			$route = 'index';
    		/*** krijg de segmenten van de route ***/
    		$parts = explode('/', $route);
    		$this->controller = $parts[0];
    		if(isset( $parts[1])){
    			$this->actie = $parts[1];

    	if (empty($this->controller)){
    		$this->controller = 'index';

    	/*** get actie ***/
    	if (empty($this->actie)){
    			$this->actie = 'index';

    	/*** set het bestands adres  ***/
    	$this->bestand = $this->pad .'/'. $this->controller . 'Controller.php';

thanks, Richard

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what means "does not work"? any output? have you set display_errors and error_reporting properly? – Philippe Gerber Jul 26 '09 at 10:25
I get output in this setup, yes. Below loading(), no I think the xml just does not arrive. I have a secondary site to test it on. I have to see about error reporting, but normally I do see errors, mayby, I don't see them all? – Richard Jul 26 '09 at 12:11

Err - isn't it because of the 'exit()' invocation? I may be wrong.

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thanks, no that has no influence,it's for testingpurposes. The only thing matters here, is that if I place it under the loader() it doesn't work anymore. – Richard Jul 26 '09 at 9:35

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